It is common to everyone that as time passes by one starts becoming old. Actually, in more than one ways aging is appreciated. For example, as a person year increase, they tend to become savvy and also have much more wisdom than they had in the past years.


However, age comes with a variety of effects that do range from little inconveniences to being life altering. At times you lose the sharpness of mind that you had there before therefore start experiencing those life moments that may not be pleasant as before. Hearing becomes a problem; one becomes short sighted, back aches and other pains accompany aging factor.


Deterioration of the eyes is a major indicator of aging. Especially those who are above forty years they start having different sight problems among these are short-sightedness, tired eyes, pain on the top side of the eye; reading becomes a stress, some cannot see tiny things, others develop long sightedness among very many others. At this juncture is when people look for glasses or visit medical officers to control these eyes' problems. Read natural health blogs here!


Though the above-mentioned eye problems might be inconveniencing or maybe annoying at times, our primary concern goes the specific vision problems that have a relation with blindness. To everyone, the issue of going blind is a nightmare that no one wants to experience when aging strikes. Blindness causes problems like not seeing your dear one; one cannot read a book, you cannot walk or visit friends alone and worst of all denies you all the independence you had before. Blind people cannot even be able to perform the basic self-care tasks among other activities like performing your chores back at home and other crucial and important life things. These make the thought of becoming blind very terrible. For more facts about Macular Degeneration, visit this website at


Age related macular degeneration is the leading cause of these vision loss and blindness problems. The debris blocks the retina affecting your central vision. People who suffer from macular degeneration see black spots and wavy lines that obliterate and distort the object in front of them. For your information, age related macular degeneration can deplete your visual acuity up to 60% and beyond. Disappointing enough is that macular degeneration cannot be treated, but we have some preventive ways that we can employ. Know the age related macular degeneration here!



These measures include protecting your eyes from the sun, visiting your doctor to test your visual acuity to propose the corrective, preventive measures. Also adding macular degeneration vitamins, minerals, and other supplements to your diet might help a great deal also regulate your fat and cholesterol intake. You should also up your antioxidants and amino acids intake.